No, I’m not stuck between the bed and the wall. I’m stuck with writing. It’s not that I don’t know what is going to happen next. I know. I’ve got it mapped out. But man, life is just crazy right now. I have two other jobs that are rather time consuming, I have signed up for cleaning and home organizational challenges (and I am determined to do it!… or at least a good chunk), my husband and I are experimenting with cooking, and my writing gets pushed to the back burner. It is so frustrating. I think about my writing EVERY. DAY.

I think “Oh! I am going to finally write today!” then I get an e-mail from work and shoot, I have to do this now.

Done? Okay, now let’s write!

Hmmm I’m hungry, got to eat. And make it from scratch… are we out of vanilla again? Where’s is the almond flour? Done! Yum! Okay? Now write.

Nope! Got dishes and prep for tomorrow’s food and work to do! -_-…. I’ll see you soon writing… soon.

As you can tell, I’m working on figuring out life balance.  At one point, I was dead set on writing every day. It was great! Even if it was just 300 words, writing happened. Then somewhere last month, I took a break from writing to attend to other stuff, and I’m struggling to reorganize my life to get writing back in along with the new stuff in my life.

I just watched this video by Garrett Robinson about making your writing a priority. And I need to get back to that.  I need to mute my e-mails at certain times of the day, and just write. Even if it’s for an hour. Preferably longer, but I’ve got to get back into it somehow.  Protect the Writing Time!!!

Oh! I should write now!…. No… No… It’s midnight and I need to sleep. Good night!

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