Life definitely can get in the way. I hit a stretch of at least a month where I rarely wrote. It made me super sad. Then the past few weeks I’ve been making sure to write everyday. Even for a little while. I joined a group where we challenge each other to write for at least 15 minutes a day. Yesterday I had an accidental writing session for 2 hours in an atmospheric coffee shop. I got my timing way off and ended up near my office two hours early. So I used that as a writing opportunity. Had some tea, a lemon tart, it was sunny and hot, I was about to go to work (I love my job), and I was in my element.

My favorite quote snippet from yesterday (remember this is my 1st draft and not edited what so ever):

I refocused my thoughts and followed him around the room with my mind’s eye, pointing to where ever he was when I felt the vibration. We went on for at least thirty minutes, maybe more. I was only off by a foot or two twice when my mind wondered to what I wanted for lunch, and realizing I hadn’t had my coffee yet. Did he have a coffee maker? I used my mind’s eye to search out the coffee maker and coffee grounds. Excellent. My hand vibrated hard. “Ouch!”
“Are you paying attention?” I heard foot steps behind me.
“I need coffee” I whined, “and food.”
“Pine…” he started to go off on me. “Fine. There are muffins in the fridge.”
“I know. Apparently I don’t just have a mind’s eye, but I have a stomach’s eye too.” I smiled as I started up the stairs.

Apparently my characters get hungry when I am hungry. I’m going to be editing out a lot of coffee and snack breaks from my book.

Today’s snippet:

“I know things have been difficult” I said, pulling away a bit. “But I don’t see it as you’re loosing your little sister. I will always be your sister. I feel like I’m gaining myself. It is stressful, scary, confusing, and a shit storm. I am just hoping that I come out on the other side being my little beautiful butterfly self.

Also guys, I forgot to say one of the best parts, I finally hit the last act of my book! YAAAAASSS! I am hoping to be done my 1st draft by June, but I’ll be laptopless for a week this month. That may put a damper on my timing. However, I will try my best.

There is one thing I’m struggling with. It’s something most authors and people who sit a lot for work have. Back pain 🙁 Mine is more neck/back pain. Thankfully I’ve started seeing a massage therapist. I have also picked back up on the pod-cast “The Creative Penn” with Joanna Penn, and she’s lately been talking about maintaining health as a writer. I’m looking into a standing desk as well. I have one in my work office, but not at home where I write.

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