This isn’t really about me. It’s just an experience I’m having. One of our local dinners is closing today. We were the 2nd last customers. I’m super happy for the owner, she can take time for her health and spend more time with her grandkids, and doing all the things she’d like to but couldn’t as she worked 6 days a week. So I am very happy for her and we plan on going to a museum together.

However, I’m being selfish in this moment. My husband and I love going there as a couple, or with family. We loved the food and we loved the staff, especially the owner. We’ve learned a lot of things from her, and we tried new experiences on her advice. I’m going to miss the ease of going over to chat with her.

It’s a reminder that sometimes places and people can carve out places in our hearts for memories and nostalgia live. There’s a sense of… now what? Where do I go for breakfast? I live in a small town, and this was my favorite breakfast place, and the best fish and chips in town. Now I’m all caught up in my memories and what was. *sigh*

I’m going to go write.

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