Since I finished my draft, I decided to do some reading as a way of cleansing my brain and letting my draft percolate. I searched through my books and found A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas that I had bought for myself for this past Christmas. OH MY GOD. Okay… So I’m a slow reader (and a slower writer it seems -_-), but I ate that book so fast… and the second… and the third. The fourth is in the mail and I am eagerly waiting for it. So for a slow reader like me to be able to read those three thick books within a month and a bit (including having to wait for shipping), you know they are good.

Her settings are detailed enough that I can visualize the buildings and cities. The language she uses is engaging and gives a strong sensation of what Feyre (the main character) feeling and experiencing. And she experiences some very good stuff *ahem*.  Her characters are really well developed… maybe a bit too developed (Rhysand *fans self* lol!). I am a sucker for character development, and I could get a sense of each person’s distinct characters, how Feyre felt about them, and how they viewed each other. There was some really good foreshadowing without being overtly *THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN*, but it was more of a dangling of a carrot. Making you wonder how things were going to work out. There were for sure moments of “oh no they didn’t!” and a few tears on my part. More so in the third book (Ugh the suspense and drama!).

The BASIC outline of the story is Feyre is a human woman whose family lives just south of the wall dividing the human and the Fae territories. Her family is poor and starving, forcing her to hunt in a forest that is becoming increasingly dangerous. One day she accidentally kills a Fae and is taken to above the wall into the Fae world. While she expected to be punished, her captor, Tamlin, was forgiving and gave her a room and many luxuries in his Spring Court. While in the Fae lands, she ends up battling some scary Faes, falling in love, making friends, and saving the world.

That is really all I can say without giving spoilers. Even though, there is. so. much. more. I can’t say anything about the second and third books, as it would give away a massive plot twist.

I both can’t wait for the fourth book (although I think it’s considered a companion book, bridging the books to the next installment of the series? Still trying to figure that out), however I hope it takes a long time to get here so I can do some more work on my own book! lol! At the same time, I want to read it ASAP because I love it and I can use it to inspire my writing. I can pin point what I like about Sarah’s writing and evaluate if my current writing elicits the same sort of reader responses, demonstrates emotions, or gives settings as well as she does. So it has inspired me to take my writing a bit further. Which will mean more editing, but I think the end product will be more enjoyable.

I will for sure search out her other books when I’ve finished the companion book, Court of Frost and Starlight. If you like fantasy, Fae, drama, action, romance, and awesome characters, I highly recommend this series. And then go into the fandoms for some hilarious memes and amazing fanart.


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