Last night in my local writing group we were given 15 Minutes to write from this prompt. (Please note, beyond spelling, this is not edited)

  • *Write a scenario where a character has an atypical reaction to a tragic event.*

Donavin and Louisa sank into the couch as the TV news signaled an emergency alert. Donavin reached forward and grabbed the remote, turning the volume up to 47, he still couldn’t believe his ears. Louisa held their baby a bit tighter.

“The state has issued an immediate state wide evacuation” said the newscaster, with a quiver in their voice. “Again, we have been given a mandatory state wide evacuation.”

Donavin grabbed his wife’s hand as the house started to tremble. A loud boom echoed in their ears, Louisa ducked and covered the baby’s body while Donavin stood at the window and stared at the giant smoke plume and the rain drops of lava hitting the sidewalk in front of their house

He rushed over to the closet, and grabbed a bag. He threw the bag at Louisa, “get the baby’s stuff” he commanded. He then hulled out the vacuum cleaner, plugged it in and started vacuuming the living room carpet as lava boiled into the sky behind him.

“The fuck you doing?” Louisa was frantic.

“I’m scared, I vacuum when I get scared” he replied shaking. Louisa grabbed at his hand, but he batted it away, “I have to do this.”

Louisa unplugged the vacuum, but Donavin kept going. Louisa spied the lave starting to flow down the street. She did the only thing she could think of, she grabbed the vacuum. Donavin did not relinquish it. Louisa terrified and confused, Donavin was panicked and not thinking straight. Louisa lunged forward and hulled the vacuum down to the garage with her husband attached.

Donavin sat in the back seat with the vacuum and the baby as Louisa sped off down the street, just escaping the lava that was a few mere meters from their house. She loosed a tear and sobbed as she watched her house become an island in the lava, “I wanted the blender”.

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