Hello all!!! So I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I should be. I’m sorry! But, I have been busy and productive! I have been working on my novel. Yay!! I have started a local writing group and we’ve got some great projects in the plans. I’ve been doing some fun stuff for Pride, including seeing Naomi Smalls live! And, my art has somehow taken off. I never intended to become an Artist with a big A, but rather a hobbyist. But recently I was inspired to enter a piece into a gallery show, and it was accepted! So as we speak, a self portrait is hanging in the York Lane Art Collective for their Pride Show. The opening was on Monday night, and it went amazing. So much fun.

My and my Pantastic Self Portrait
Above me, are the books done by Vicki Scofield, my art teacher!

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