Jennifer Banks is a Canadian author who has lived in three different provinces, and lived in South Korea for a couple of years. Experiencing different parts of world, listening to other’s stories, going on adventures, and having studied in four different fields (fashion, education, theology, and psychotherapy) has shaped the way she sees life and expresses herself in her writing.  She believes in equality, diversity, and being bad ass.

She is currently working on her debut novel, with a title TBD. Seriously, titles are hard. This novel is for people who grew up reading Harry Potter, but are now jaded adults struggling in the real world, but still want flashes of magic in their lives. It centers around a woman named Pine and her struggles with work, her identity, romance, heart break, her own two feet, and an over protective brother.

This site will chronicle Jennifer’s struggles, studies, victories, and awesomeness that have to do with her writing. She will give updates on her WIP (work in progress), maybe an update or two about her cats (she has 6) and her dog, book reviews, some writing tips, and links to other cool blogs.