Title TBD

To be¬†published… 2019? I hope. I’ll keep you updated.

This book is aimed at adults who grew up on Harry Potter, but are now jaded and sarcastic adults. Pine works a government job to keep her city safe from illegal and dangerous magic. While she’s hunting down criminals and monsters, she running from the criminals and monsters that are hunting her down.¬†All while she deals with her dark history, abuse, love, an over protective brother, and her own two feet.



Title TBD

To be published sometime after the other one, or before. We’ll see.

This is a YA book.

Dianna’s recently graduate from high school and is feeling lost. Not only does she not know what she wants to do with her life, she’s still struggling with her grandmother’s death, her mother has become moody and they’re always fighting, and her uncle has been missing for several months. Then one day while walking thru the woods from her work at the canoe hut to home, she was chased down by giant wolves. She tripped and hit her head, and when she woke up she wasn’t in Canada anymore.