Oh Tesla <3 Tesla is one of the 4 sisters we trapped when they were kittens and brought them in from the impending winter. She was the biggest of the kittens when they were young, and the meanest. She hissed and spit and growled and we were legitimately afraid of her. She was ear tipped because we were worried we wouldn't be able to socialize her and would have to release her. Fortunately, we won her over with food. She is socially awkward. She wants to play with the others, but she goes about it oddly and makes them uncomfortable and they hiss at her. When she wants affection from us, she'll tilt her head and walk slowly towards us. It is very cute. She is now very affectionate, but still flails at noises and unexpected movements, and is occasionally worried we will eat her. She is named after Nikola Tesla. My husband's electronics geek is showing here.

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